The best kind of medicine

Tara is health! She walks her walk, and tells her students “to be a student of your body”. Four years ago I thought I would take a yoga class. Within the first month I was hooked and became more in line with my mind and body’s needs. I had/have neck and shoulder issues which Tara addressed. In the past 4 years I have been seeing Tara privately and taken group workshops (which were outstanding), as well as continuing with Tara’s regular group fitness classes. Tara’s understanding of physiology is exceptional and has assisted me to understand my body function. Tara has assisted my breathing, posture, emotional blocks, to core strength and balance. Tara recognizes her students and clients needs and motivates them to success. My neck stronger, more flexible and able to function. My shoulders are off my ears, allowing me to open my heart. I am more balanced physically and emotionally! Even a 40 year old serious injury to my diaphragm has found greater movement and softness. Thank you , Tara, for your presence in my life; You have helped this student find “sankalpa” at 61.

— Carina, retired elementary teacher