Initial Assessment

The initial assessment is when I get to know you. If you have booked a package this process is worked into the first couple of sessions.

If a stand alone initial session is booked, it will be 90 minutes to accommodate a full history and discussion of common habits, current issues and stressers, and complaints. During this first session we will complete a posture and movement assessment including global movement patterns, manual muscle testing of areas of complaint, and reflexive stability testing.

As breathing is our most fundamental conscious movement habit and establishes the foundation for core stability, breathing biomechanics analysis is included in this first session as well. This can include testing motor function of the respiratory diaphragm, movement capacity in abdomen and thorax, manual muscle testing of muscles of exhalation, CO2 tolerance assessment, and vagal tone assessment.

Intial and Follow Up sessions may also include:

  • Assessment for radiculopathy and peripheral nerve entrapment
  • eye movement exams
  • jaw movement assessments
  • Range of movement testing for specific joints
  • Corrective strategies such as myofascial release and pin and stretch release
  • scar release and rehabilitation
  • guided neuromotor activation
  • corrective exercise
  • breathing exercises and drills