Healing Process

My role – listen to you. You’re the expert of your body

I listen and assess thoroughly to achieve results. I follow the evidence in your body and history to find the path to the real cause of your pain. It’s important that you understand what my ideas are and how I test my hypothesis with NeuroKinetic Therapy. Once testing is complete I optimize neuromotor habits within your body to restore functionality. Often the root area of dysfunction has been caused by injuries, trauma and chronic tension that has been overlooked in the past.

Your role – Trust me as your guide as you heal your body

Keep your mind and communication channels open, because it’s the little things that count. A full and detailed history is important as past injuries and traumas stay with us in unexpected ways. A tingle, twitch or itch in what feels like a random spot elsewhere on your body during a session can nudge me in the right direction. These are active sessions. Prepare to engage physically, mentally and emotionally.