Chronic plantar fasciitis is dramatically improved

Tara has expanded my understanding of my body’s dysfunctions, and given me tools to correct them. After a few sessions with Tara, I move with more ease and less pain. My handstand is stronger, and my chronic plantar fasciitis is dramatically improved. For me, what separates Tara from other healers (I have been to massage therapists, physical therapists, and osteopaths) is that she focuses on long-term sustainable solutions rather than temporary fixes. I used to suffer from painful tension in my neck. Many healers have been able to release it, but soon after it would tighten up again. Tara taught me that tension is a balance. If my neck is under too much tension, then another part of my body is probably slacking off. Tara’s magic was finding which part of my body needed to pick up the slack, and helping me train it to do so.

— Ben, Age 25, Mathamatician