Breathing has improved so much

I went to Tara because my breathing problems. She started to work on an old scar I had from a thyroid surgery. After only two sessions where she released some of my scar tissue using Neurokinetic Therapy, my breathing improved so much. She also equipped me with very effective breathing exercises I could do at home. I can highly recommend a visit if you are stuck with your traditional treatment (as I was). Tara is so caring. This makes every treatment wholesome and healing. — Nicole

Chronic plantar fasciitis is dramatically improved

Tara has expanded my understanding of my body’s dysfunctions, and given me tools to correct them. After a few sessions with Tara, I move with more ease and less pain. My handstand is stronger, and my chronic plantar fasciitis is dramatically improved. For me, what separates Tara from other healers (I have been to massage therapists, physical therapists, and osteopaths) is that she focuses on long-term sustainable solutions rather than temporary fixes. I used to suffer from painful tension in my neck. Many healers have been able to release it, but soon after it would tighten up again. Tara taught me that tension is a balance. If my neck is under too much tension, then another part of my body is probably slacking off. Tara’s magic was finding which part of my body needed to pick up the slack, and helping me train it to do so.

— Ben, Age 25, Mathamatician

Scar Rehabilitation from Abdominal Surgery

Hands that heal! Tara was able to release layers of tension and
allowed me to move freely again.  I came to her to help soften 12″ of abdominal surgery scaring. After one session I noticed a difference in texture of my scars but more importantly, how much easier it was to move. – Tanya, Marketing Executive

The best kind of medicine

Tara is health! She walks her walk, and tells her students “to be a student of your body”. Four years ago I thought I would take a yoga class. Within the first month I was hooked and became more in line with my mind and body’s needs. I had/have neck and shoulder issues which Tara addressed. In the past 4 years I have been seeing Tara privately and taken group workshops (which were outstanding), as well as continuing with Tara’s regular group fitness classes. Tara’s understanding of physiology is exceptional and has assisted me to understand my body function. Tara has assisted my breathing, posture, emotional blocks, to core strength and balance. Tara recognizes her students and clients needs and motivates them to success. My neck stronger, more flexible and able to function. My shoulders are off my ears, allowing me to open my heart. I am more balanced physically and emotionally! Even a 40 year old serious injury to my diaphragm has found greater movement and softness. Thank you , Tara, for your presence in my life; You have helped this student find “sankalpa” at 61.

— Carina, retired elementary teacher

In-depth assessment

I’ve struggled with daily neck pain and a few episodes of severe pain over the past few years, and had been feeling very discouraged, frustrated, and hopeless about finding a solution. I’d tried speaking to doctors and had tried massage, physio, and chiro without finding any permanent relief or solution. Working with Tara has finally given me a sense of hope and progress; she takes the time to do an in-depth assessment and explain her findings in a way that feels empowering. I now feel like I have an understanding of my problems and a sense of control over my pain.

— Amanda, Social Worker

Dramatic Improvements in Chronic Back Pain

Tara has helped me so much; I have had chronic back pain for many years and now, and I improve dramatically with every visit. Tara is very knowledgeable, intuitive and amazing. Every visit is fascinating and educating – I love our appointments!  — Stacey, Home Care Specialist

Moving better with Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Donna. I am 73 years old and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1997. I do not take any prescription medicines for my MS and I try to do everything holistically.
When I first started working with Tara, my balance was very poor and certain parts of my body had little or no sensation.
Working with Tara, on a weekly basis, my ability to balance on 1 foot has gone from a few seconds to over a minute and sensation is starting to return to my damaged areas.
My ability to move freely and my general health have improved. I am very impressed with Tara‘s knowledge of how the body works and how to make it work better.

Increased Range of Motion

Tara is very knowledgeable in identifying muscle tightness that results in movement restriction and pain. In a very short time she released some problem areas and increased my range of motion while decreasing the pain in a chronic shoulder issue. She is worth checking out if you’re looking to improve movement and quality of mobility!  – Colleen, Personal Trainer

Never felt better, my hip pain is gone

Tara Kachroo has been the best yoga and movement educator I’ve ever had. I started yoga with Tara in 2017 at Movati and was hooked after the first class. Recently I have been working one on one with her regarding hip problems that I developed over 3 years ago after I became pregnant. Over the years I had seen multiple doctors regarding my hip problems, none of them seemed to know what the problem was or seemed to want to help. They all passed me on to someone else. I had multiple X-rays and had even seen a sports specialist and always the same answers and no results. Since working with Tara I’ve never felt better and my hip pain is gone. Her knowledge and passion is inspiring. I would recommend Tara to anyone.  — Wendy Bhatnagar

Active, pain free life style

Tara is an exceptionally talented instructor of body movement. Her cheerfulness encourages me to explore and deepen my own body awareness. Tara speaks clearly and shares precise instructions at a calm, methodical pace which gives me time to hear, interpret, and do the action. I deeply appreciate that she respectfully asks permission before doing any hands-on body repositioning. She seems to be forever creating new movements that spark my curiosity to learn more, to move more efficiently, and ultimately to enjoy living an active, pain free, lifestyle. — Lucy