Increased Range of Motion

Tara is very knowledgeable in identifying muscle tightness that results in movement restriction and pain. In a very short time she released some problem areas and increased my range of motion while decreasing the pain in a chronic shoulder issue. She is worth checking out if you’re looking to improve movement and quality of mobility!  – Colleen, Personal Trainer

Never felt better, my hip pain is gone

Tara Kachroo has been the best yoga and movement educator I’ve ever had. I started yoga with Tara in 2017 at Movati and was hooked after the first class. Recently I have been working one on one with her regarding hip problems that I developed over 3 years ago after I became pregnant. Over the years I had seen multiple doctors regarding my hip problems, none of them seemed to know what the problem was or seemed to want to help. They all passed me on to someone else. I had multiple X-rays and had even seen a sports specialist and always the same answers and no results. Since working with Tara I’ve never felt better and my hip pain is gone. Her knowledge and passion is inspiring. I would recommend Tara to anyone.  — Wendy Bhatnagar

Scars Interfere with Motor Control

Scars have depth, texture, density, form and pull.  To say what we see on the surface is the tip of the iceberg is a huge understatement in many cases. I have become obsessed with scars in this last few months as I have had an influx of clients with large scars that are interfering with their motor control; and I have scars of my own that I am working with.

For some people it's surprising that scars can interfere so much with our ability to move naturally and reflexively. So I will outline here in brief how scars can interfere with motor control. In later posts I will elaborate more on these. Scars interfere with motor control

1) through the fascial pull of the adhesions they form with the tissues around them. This creates a mechanical obstacle to motor control function. An example would be the movement of a joint being impaired by scar tissue.  Since the motor control system makes decisions based on perceived tension in the body, the distortions of around a scar can also send incorrect information about the state of tension in surrounding tissues. For example, an abdominal scar could increase tension in the internal oblique which the motor control center then interprets as an already present contraction of that muscle. The motor control center would then choose not to contract the muscle further;

2) through the increase of sensory afferance (scar tissue has more nerve endings laid down around it) that can overwhelm or confuse the motor control center of the brain;

3) through emotional trauma that can interfere with motor control through the limbic system.

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Scars from surgeries or scars made by sharp objects are very different from the scars created by internal fractures.  This scar is one that was self-inflicted when I was a miserable teen with no emotional resources, and no understanding about how to talk about difficult things, in the 90s. It looks flat and movable, but it has a deep root that interferes with mobility in my radial joint. I've done the emotional work I need to; but the scar itself still needs attention for me to have pull power through my right wrist, elbow and shoulder.

I have many clients who are having motor control problems -- causing joint pain, lack of mobility -- caused by scars. Some of these are recent, just 3 months ago, and many more that are decades old.  These include crush and spiral fractures that are hidden below the surface; abdominal surgeries; laproscopic scars; deep cuts made by jagged edges; and scarring caused by blunt force trauma -- each of these has to be treated differently.  One client's shoulder scar was pulling on some of his cervical nerves and giving him symptoms that he had deemed anxiety attacks. So if you have scars and pain -- there is a good chance there is a connection. Discovering what this connection is and helping clients to resolve it is some of my favorite work.

Active, pain free life style

Tara is an exceptionally talented instructor of body movement. Her cheerfulness encourages me to explore and deepen my own body awareness. Tara speaks clearly and shares precise instructions at a calm, methodical pace which gives me time to hear, interpret, and do the action. I deeply appreciate that she respectfully asks permission before doing any hands-on body repositioning. She seems to be forever creating new movements that spark my curiosity to learn more, to move more efficiently, and ultimately to enjoy living an active, pain free, lifestyle. — Lucy

An Amazing Resource

As a physiotherapist, I value Tara’s patient-centered approach and her anatomical knowledge. Her patience and keen eye for detail has significantly changed my body awareness and has given me the confidence to advance my practice.

I have been working with Tara over the past few months for private yoga and mobility sessions to improve mechanics in my yoga practice. Tara has been an amazing resource to adapt traditional poses to accommodate for my unique biomechanical challenges (scoliosis, postpartum). – Kristy

Private Pre Natal Yoga

When I got pregnant with my first, I reached out to Tara to try some private prenatal mobility sessions, as I had really enjoyed her yoga classes. I found that at a time when I probably would have started to feel disappointed with how the changes in my body affected my typical workout routine, instead I was reinvigorated by the new exercises that Tara was able to introduce at each stage of the pregnancy. She was able to adapt the movements and self-massage that she taught in a way that responded to the physical symptoms I was experiencing–including diastis pubis symphasis and fallen arches. It made it so that I could continue to challenge myself, while feeling strong and supported even at the end of the pregnancy.

– Halle, New Mom and Software Engineer

Movement Education and Yoga Tune Up

I just completed a 6 week small group private session with Tara Kachroo, and my mind is blown! She is an amazing instructor! Her wealth of knowledge of the human body- anatomy, how the body moves, and what may be hindering certain movements- is phenomenal. I can easily take what I learned in each session and apply it to my own self-care regimen, as well as use it in my professional practice as a massage therapist. Thank you Tara for teaching me how to be a student of my own body, and discovering ways to improve upon my body’s movements. ‎  — Julie, RMT

Pain Relief with Yoga Tune Up

Thank you so much for the awesome [Hip] workshop on Sunday. I’ve had a chronic back pain for almost 2 years now. I’ve been going to see a few people now about it, and have spent waaaay to much $ on it. Any who, long story short, after a bit of a sore Monday. Tuesday was the first time in almost 2 years that I woke up with no back pain!!!!! I think what you are teaching people is awesome.

– Adrian, Cabinet Maker, Age 36

“It’s way too hard. I can’t do that. I can’t hold that pose for that long. Sound familiar?” I am “oh so” grateful that I took the Core Integration Class last night. I noticed the effects of it this morning. During my yoga practice, I was more conscious of the fact that, what you get out of your practice depends entirely on what you put in and to what extent you allow yourself to release old expectations, perceptions and opinions and to give yourself the time and space to learn new ways to connect body, mind and spirit. Thank you to Tara Kachroo and all the other yogis who attended too! Last night truly felt like a community and not like a class. I would highly and greatly recommend this class to anyone interested in allowing themselves to grow.

– Jess, Secretary to the Dean, Age 30

Yoga Tune Up Workshop

This Yoga Tune Up workshop was a very thorough series covering the many aspects of the shoulder. Lots of great techniques …Great additions to any self care routine you are currently using.

– Kelly, Registered Massage Therapist, Age 40