Integrative Movement Therapy | Yoga and Assisted Resistance Stretching
Private, Corporate and Small group

Breakthroughs in self treatment

"I have significant degenerative disc disease and working with Tara has offered me huge breakthroughs in self treatment. I feel anyone could benefit from this work, especially those working in an office setting."

-- Rosemary, Social Worker, Age 53

Holistic Assessment

Over the years I had seen multiple doctors regarding my hip pain, none of them seemed to know what the problem was or seemed to want to help. They all passed me on to someone else. I had multiple X-rays and had even seen a sports specialist and always the same answers and no results. Since working with Tara I’ve never felt better and my hip pain is gone. Her knowledge and passion is inspiring. I would recommend Tara to anyone.

— Wendy Bhatnagar

Anatomy and Hands on Instruction

"Her instruction is fantastic. Perfect amount of anatomy, enough hands on, followed with a good understanding of how and why to put the whole package together."

-- Ann, Registered Massage Therapist